Co-Lead, Cross-faculty Engagement & Collaboration – Dr. Christiane Hoppmann

Co-Lead, Cross-faculty Engagement & Collaboration – Christiane Hoppmann, PhD

Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies; Professor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Christiane Hoppmann is a Professor, Canada Research Chair and Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar in the Department of Psychology at  UBC. She is also a core member of the UBC Center for Hip Health and Mobility.

Dr. Hoppmann’s Lab conducts research that examines the influences of social relationships and motivational processes for wellbeing and health across the adult lifespan. The long-term goal of this research is to identify key social and motivational resources that contribute to a successful mastery of challenges across the adult lifespan and to better understand pathways to wellbeing and health. Her projects focus on everyday processes using novel daily life assessments (‘time-sampling’) in combination with stress markers and objectively measured health behaviors. She seeks to better understand how everyday processes accumulate over time and end up shaping longer term health trajectories.

Dr. Hoppmann’s research is very collaborative and typically involves partners from different disciplines, local stakeholders, community organizations, and other Canadian and international universities.