Research Overview

The following research themes have been identified as strengths and priorities of healthy aging research at UBC. We anticipate the themes and focus areas evolving as we continue to consult with the UBC community and welcome input and discussion from all as we build the program.

Crosscutting Approaches and Frameworks

Life Course

Conducting research across the entire life course — from conception to old age — to understand the factors that influence aging trajectories


Transcending traditional disciplinary boundaries to apply an integrative and holistic approach to healthy aging research


Bringing together members of the UBC community and researchers and institutions abroad to answer big and complex scientific questions

Community Engaged

Promoting knowledge exchange to design informed research studies and translating findings to influence research, policy and practice

Research Themes


Understanding the genetic, molecular and cellular changes that occur with aging and that make aging a risk factor for chronic health conditions and diseases.

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Understanding how environmental, cultural and social factors throughout the life course influence the aging process and health and well-being in the later years.

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Prevention & Intervention

Developing and implementing strategies to keep people healthy and living in their own communities longer into older age.

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Age-Associated Diseases

Understanding the mechanisms of disease onset and progression and developing new strategies for diagnosis and treatment.

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