Klein Geltink, Ramon

Ramon Klein Geltink, PhD

Dr. Klein Geltink grew up in the east of the Netherlands, and obtained his Bachelors in biomedical sciences in Deventer, The Netherlands. He left the Netherlands in 2005 for PhD training in molecular biology at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, USA, in Prof. Gerard Grosveld’s lab, in the department of Genetics, studying the role of mTOR signaling in tumorigenesis. In 2015 he started postdoctoral training in T cell metabolism at the Max Planck Institute in Freiburg, Germany in the department of Immunometabolism. He was trained by Prof. Erika Pearce, one of the world leaders and pioneers in the field of Immunometabolism. In 2019, he joined the department of Pathology and Laboratory medicine at UBC to start his own research program in immunometabolism. His research program aims to characterize nutrient-sensing pathways in T cells and understand how the immune system can be used to treat diseases like cancer and autoimmune diseases. His lab uses biochemical and metabolomic techniques to understand what fuel is needed for immune cell function, and how immune cells sense the fuel that is available in their environment.

Email: Ramon.KleinGeltink@BCCHR.ca

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