Jakobi, Jennifer

Jennifer Jakobi, PhD

Dr. Jakobi teaches and researches in the area of neuromuscular and exercise physiology. The long term objective of her research program is to develop prehabilitation programs that focus on maintaining functional independence in older adults. Her basic research program centres upon identifying the contributions of central descending and sensory reflex pathways to the modulation of motor neuron activity and subsequent effect on force control in women (NSERC). The applied research program focuses on quantifying, muscle activity that necessitates functional activities of daily living in older adults and determining the role of whole body vibration in functional change (UBCO). Her work is funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). A list of her research interests include:

  • Age-related and sex-related change in motor unit recruitment and discharge rates
  • Role of afferent feedback in modulating motor unit activity
  • Prolonging Functional Independence in Older Women
  • Adaptations in the muscle and tendon unit to stretch in males and females

Email: Jennifer.jakobi@ubc.ca

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